Elle … on Designer Purses



I’m Elle and I love designer handbags. I bet you do to … because you’re here. In my dreams I look just like the models on the right :).

When I was a young girl there were certain fashion rules that every female followed. You’ll probably laugh your head off when you read this … and you’ll be wondering if I am as old as Methuselah … (the answer would be “yes!”) … but I kid you not … these were real fashion rules:

  • Never wear white, or pastels in the wintertime.
  • Don’t wear white shoes when it rains.
  • Sandals are for summer; closed shoes are for winter.
  • Your shoes should always match your skirt.
  • Your clothes should always match … no stripes with checks; no flowers with dots, etc.
  • Never wear jeans with rips or patches … that was a sure indication of a low bank account. (Actually, girls didn’t wear jeans at all unless they were very poor).
  • Your purse should always match your shoes.

Gals, we’ve come a long way! Nowadays anything goes and one of the hottest fashion statements on the market today is the grungy, baggy, ripped or retro look. Styles change. Women’s tastes change. What was “out” yesterday is “in” today.

One fashion accessory that has stood the test of time, however, is designer handbags. They’re still the “in” thing that every girl and woman simply must have in her closet if she wants to be “in style”. The cheaper knock-offs and imitations simply won’t do for the sophisticated woman of today. We know when we have “it” – and we know when we don’t.  And, carrying a designer bag gives us that “it” feeling. Do you know what I mean?

Our handbags say as much about us as anything we wear. You can be wearing a pair of $30 jeans and a Wal-mart t-shirt but carrying that designer bag will make you feel like a million dollars. Of course, that designer purse might have cost you $500 or $5000 – but, so what? You saved a bundle on those jeans! The bottom line is simply this: we women love our designer handbags! It doesn’t matter whether your favorite designer is Prada, Coach, Fendi, Gucci or Hermes – if you’re like me, you’re sold on the quality, the style and the beauty.

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