Dooney Bourke Leather is Hotter than Hot!

Looking for the Perfect Style?

The Dooney and Bourke Bag collection this year is in no way lacking in style!  There are some fun and gorgeous bags to choose from.

If you are looking for the “perfect” style, here are some tips on the hottest general design categories in the collection – these are the bags that are specifically searched out more than others  for the spring and summer seasons:

Bucket Bags – These have a rounded bottom and are known not only for their beautiful designs, but their quality construction.  The various styles in the bucket bags include the Zebra pattern, quilt, signature, seersucker, East/West and more.  Due to their convenience and style, it’s no wonder this particular style is what women are searching for the most.

“IT” Bags – As the name implies, these are the bags that are “it” – they will never go out of style.  They are also available in a number of different looks and color combinations such as large zip tops, totes and wristlets in both classic dark colors as well as some sweet looking pastels.

Chiara Bags – The Chiara bags are quite well known for their roominess and while they are gorgeous they have a sort of casual look about them as well.  They are quite versatile in terms of when and how they are used.  You can find them in some choice patterns including zebra stripe (multiple colors available), patent leather, pebble – even some gorgeous bold giraffe patterns!

Hopefully this gives you a good head start on what bag (or bags) to look for among the Dooney and Bourke Bag collection.  If I were to give you my best shopping tip it would be:  Make sure and take a good look at what’s available – there is quite a selection to choose from!

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