Fake Designer Purse

Fake Designer Purse

Like it or not, there is a certain status that comes with carrying a designer purse or handbag. There are some women who are completely oblivious to what women around them are carrying, but some ladies definitely take notice when someone carrying an expensive bag enters the room.

Many people have noticed that it seems like more and more people have been carrying what appear to be designer bags over the last couple of years. This would not seem to make much sense as the economy struggles to recover and people are supposedly feeling a severe pinch. The truth is, there has been a proliferation of fake or knockoff designer purses. These bags are sold in many different venues and at varying prices, but the net effect is that sometimes carrying an authentic purse does not seem quite as special or prestigious.

These bags copied off of true designer originals sometimes look quite a bit like the authentic items, but there are some problems with purchasing them. The first problem is the risks that some ladies take to obtain these cheap purses. Some women will willingly follow a stranger to an unknown destination in large cities after being asked if they would like to see some inexpensive purses for sale. Most times these encounters simply end with the purchase of a purse, but the idea of following a stranger to complete a transaction out of the sight of others is dangerous and troubling to say the least. Other venues for the purchase of these purchases are much less threatening. Fake purse parties and women carrying boxes full of imitation designer items to work have become commonplace. These are less dangerous, but these people are still dealing in counterfeit merchandise that could get them into trouble.

Another issue with buying these kinds of purses can be the quality of the purse itself. Certainly when you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a true designer bag, a lot of that money is going simply for the name on the side, but there is also a question of quality. Designer bags are generally made to very exacting standards and are meant to hold up well to heavy use without showing sings of wear. When you purchase a fake, the first thing you give up is quality.

Some ladies may be fine with the risks they run and the quality they sacrifice when they buy a fake bag. With a little bit of patience and shopping knowledge though, you can often find the true designer purses selling at prices that are much lower than their original retail. Buying these real purses at discount prices is a much better option. You can have the lower price and still enjoy the long lasting quality of an authentic designer bag.

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