Famous Designer Handbag

Not many people know exactly where or how handbags originated but we all seem to agree on one thing – they’re huge these days. And although we would all have something to use for each occasion, there’s that one particular fancy we take for those that give us an ultimate fashion high – designer handbags. These days, women can’t seem to survive without those names plastered on their canvas or leather hanging from their shoulders, especially with the advent of inspired wholesale handbags which have just made them all the more affordable and desirable.

Beyond the fashion aspect, it will not be denied that handbags, designer or not, are very useful. Needless to say, they make girls’ lives more convenient. What if if one had to carry a lipstick, hairbrush and the rest of those girly paraphernalia with her two hands? It’s hard enough just to imagine. This is why girls will always have this undying love for their Chanels and their Balenciagas and Guccis and the rest of designerdom.

Going back to the history of these fashion darlings, do you know just how the concept of handbags began? Maybe it adds more mystique to this whole fascination that they started out in Ancient Egypt where men typically had pouches hanging around their waist. Soon, these pouches made their way to Europe and became a status symbol where the wealth of the wearer was reflected in the material and workmanship of the pouch he wore. Finally, in 18th century France, these pouches assumed more sophisticated forms and were now being worn from the shoulders mostly by women. There, the concept of handbags slowly took shape.

It wasn’t until the 1950’s though that the first designer handbag that made waves was created. The Hermes Kelly bag was made famous by Princess Grace of Monaco who used it to disguise her bulging tummy during her pregnancy. Hermes entered the fashion world in mid 1800’s when he was a struggling harness workshop owner-manager. Since then, famous designer names have cropped up one after another including Chanel, Dior, Ferragamo, Fendi, Balenciaga and all the others that gave these once primitive implements definitive class and elegance.


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